Erthie Seller FAQs


ShipStation is a well-respected provider in online shipping facilitation services. It allows merchants to connect multiple selling channels to one interface. It also offers incredible discounts with multiple shipping carriers. Learn more about their features

How does the shipping and fulfillment process work on Erthie?

As part of onboarding process, a merchant must set up their account with ShipStation. Please go to Manage Your Store->Shipments (a link to seller portal section) to complete this step. If you already have an account, then use the existing credentials to connect your Erthie store with ShipStation. After you have set up the account and connection with ShipStation, all orders from customers will be shown in the Manage Your Store->Order .

These orders will also be pushed out to your ShipStation account. You will be able to process the order for shipping in Shipstation incl. choosing a carrier and printing shipping labels. The entire shipping process will be done in your Shipstation account. You will be responsible to ship the orders in a timely fashion and keep the status updated in your Shipstation account.

Can a merchant choose any carrier to ship their orders?

Yes, that's why we chose ShipStation as our partner. You will be able to choose any carrier incl. USPS, UPS, FedX, DHL.

How can customers track their order(s)?

We have Track your Order process throughout our site , which can be used to track orders. In addition, the registered customer can track the status within their accounts.

Where should merchant update the shipping status/ tracking number for orders?

Can a merchant offer free shipping for their orders? Or customize the process?

Yes, It is up to merchant to define his/her shipping process and discounts.

Who owns the accountability for timely shipping and delivery of orders?

A customer must have an account with Erthie. Signing up with Erthie is free. He/she can go to the order history in their account , and initiate a "return order" request. A merchant will be notified about the return in their Erthie Store and via notification in their registered email. It will be merchant's responsibility to process the refund (if applicable) via Stripe. Every merchant is required to specify their policies as part of the onboarding checklist prior to going live on Erthie

If there are two or more items in a single order, can a merchant refund for only one of them?

Kindly review the Stripe Refund process to learn more about this.


Stripe Connect is a market leader in the payment industry and is the trusted payment gateway for Erthie.

What is the process to accept payments from a customer? How/when does a merchant receive funds for their order?

After the customer has added products to his shopping cart, Erthie will calculate the necessary taxes, shipping cost and other fees. This information will be presented to the customer for review and will be asked to enter their payment information (debit or credit card). Once the order has been successfully placed, Erthie will send the sales data (Order sale amount, taxes, shipping cost, Erthie commission Fees) to Stripe. At that stage, Stripe will credit the order sale amount, taxes, and shipping cost to the merchant's account and deduct its transaction fee (2.9% + 30¢ ). Afterwards, the Erthie commission fee will be transferred.

Where does merchant's bank account and/or credit card details stored?

Erthie doesn't store any of merchant's payment information on its server. This will be store in Stripe server. The only thing that Erthie stores is merchant Stripe token (generated by Stripe for a new account). This token allows us to send the correct instructions to Stripe for payments. Stripe has a strong security infrastructure and we will confident about protecting the sensitive payment information with them.

Visit Stripe Account page to find answers to account-specific questions.

Learn about Stripe transfers & deposit process. This will help merchants understand when the funds would come to their account.

Stripe facilitates the Refund process. Please visit the Stripe Refund process to learn more. The merchants are solely responsible for settling refunds with customers.

Visit Stripe Disputes, Chargebacks & Fraud page to learn about the process to settle such matters in a timely fashion.

Stripe assists with Accounting & Taxes as well. Please visit Stripe Accounting & Taxes page to learn more.

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