Meet our Team!

Alexa Bartlett

Alexa brings together a passion for environmental and community issues with a talent for business research, development, and writing. From working with underprivileged women and girls in India, to providing business strategy and guidance to leaders of Fortune 500 companies; Alexa understands that individuals and communities thrive when they are healthy, balanced, and transparent opportunity exists for everyone. Erthie perfectly reflects this vision. By forming as a Benefit Corporation and promoting products and education for sustainable goods, Erthie is primed to grow rapidly, while constantly giving back to local communities and global causes.

Vivekanand Roy

Roy has been the catalyst for substantial cost-saving initiatives for industry-leading companies through the effective change management of technical innovation. Roy brings Erthie 13+ years of high-level operational and technical experience affords him best-practice successes, while creating and working within (or below) budget constraints. More importantly, he has successfully implemented cutting-edge integration and automation of technology-based functions into the global organization, saving immense time and more than millions over time by doing the right thing, not just the easy thing. He has a vast experience of implementing over 20 global HR technology projects in the last 13+ years. As a dynamic, collaborative team leader with a passion for working with many aspects of business, he identifies gaps in processes and designs innovative, efficient solutions that can save company resources. He enjoys a tremendous respect for his strong work ethic and passion to constantly innovate the new practices.

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