How we can say that we are unique: 

Our mission is to integrate world into one thought for sustainable life and sustainable earth. From this simple idea, we have created an online marketplace that is one-of-its-kind. A place where merchants are transparent about their business practices. A place where customers can shop with confidence backed by a reliable customer care and carefully curated products. Our vision is to build an online marketplace dedicated to fair, ethical and sustainable products. 

Alexa Bartlett

Alexa brings together a passion for environmental and community issues with a talent for business research, development, and writing. For working with underprivileged women and girls in India, to provide business strategy and guidance to leaders of Fortune 500 companies. Alexa understands that individuals and community thrives when they are healthy, balanced, and transparent opportunity exists for everyone. Erthie perfectly reflects this vision. Erthie is primed to grow rapidly, while constantly giving back to local communities and global causes.


 Erthie interests to donate those organizations which work for the earth and people. “ONE TREE PLANTED’ is the website which motivates world for forestation or plantation.   “Village Enterprise” is the website which works for most under-privilege section of the societies.