Rustic Home Decor & Garden

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Rustic Home Decor mean natural, rough, aged, and causal. Rustic define Tuscan, Coastal, Cottage or anything which you can think traditional.  Unfinished beam, light wood colour walls, open stone floor, modern antique furniture and cotton blended natural fabrics.  In Rustic decor one can explore with traditional, antique and modern blended ideas.  Beautiful Moroccan iron lantern hangs on either side of the two door panels, simple colour scheme of the rooms, large steel framed windows, handicraft wall art, simple iron lamps or table iron lanterns at two sides of the bed with hand woven crafted bed cover and large/round rustic mirror with traditional style shelf.

Rustic decor is often old, antique, and has earthy feel to it. Let’s look at some timeless collections for your living rooms.

Section 1- Curtain:  There are lot of fabrics options and design patterns available for rustic Curtain and Valances in the market like Burlap (Jute), Canvas, and Thermal. Rustic fabrics are little rough in nature.  For window treatment, drapes and valances are popular because of lodge and farm feel. 

Section 2- Furniture: Rustic furniture shouldn’t be like glossy burl wood or sleek stylish and finished design.  It is more like reclaimed, unfinished, raw material, use of organic elements in their most natural form and this style prefers heavier or larger pieces of woods.  Some raw materials are unfinished heavy woods, driftwood, stones, sticks, twigs or logs.

Section 3-Wall/Display/Table Decor:  Some of us prefer rustic decorative items for their living, bedroom, and garden. The wall colour could be light shaded, blended with contrast wooden wall on one side of the room.  Popular products these days are plain pieces of wood planks featured with hanging Mason Jar Wall Sconces to give it a natural look.  Versatile wooden and glass candle sconces are good decor ideas as well.  Light these sconces with white, yellow fairy lights to lighten up the room.  Unfinished/weathered wooden picture frames dangling with unique iron keys will enhance the beauty of rustic wall art. Outer wall of living room can be decorated with multiple colours of wood tones with fabric painting and timeless captions such as LOVE, WELCOME, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.  Flower wreath is another magical idea.  Using dried flower, rose flower wreath is an rewarding experience as it balances the meaning of ‘rustic’, ‘reusing’, and ‘recycle’. 

Section 4-Lamps / Lanterns /chandeliers:  Vintage floor lamp, iron lanterns, vintage bulb chandelier, hanging lanterns and lamps are some great options to achieve the rustic light decor.

Comments (2)
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