Incorporate décor symbolise good luck to home and office!

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Incorporate décor symbolise good luck to home and office!

There are many symbols and signs that are considered lucky and good fortune for us.  Of course, it depends upon one’s belief in such practices. feng shui rules are well-known around the world and people who follow it swear by it.  These are ancient practices and many generations have adopted them to bring a good luck charm to their lives. Check out some hand-curated products we have chosen for you to bring delights in health, wealth, power, and relationships.



The Elephant is associated with Buddha and symbolises protection, power, wealth, good luck, wisdom and fertility.  It can be used as a symbol and statue in home, garden and office.  It is also believed that the elephant depicted with the trunk up bring good luck and fortune. 


There are several good reasons to keep buddha statues in home and offices.  It reflects energy and calm in mind and body.  It is known that the head of buddha means for stern flow of quality energy in the home, sleeping buddha means relaxation, peace, serenity and simplicity in the living room and bedroom.  The laughing buddha is for celebration, joy and happiness can be placed at the main entrance. The Buddha on lotus stand means meditation, calm and deeply spiritual growth, the meditating buddha for calm in mind and quality energy and the sandstone buddha figurine means beautiful, peaceful and can be placed at the north side in the garden.

Angle Figurine


It is widely popular that fairies have power to grant and fulfil one’s wishes.  Fairy angles are also good symbols to keep families rich for 100’s of years.  Aside from their magical power, they are known for powerful manifestors. They have power connection to universal magic and can be placed in the yard and home.  Basically they have their own grace of beauties and will enhance the beauty of home.


The history of ancient Asia, Greece and America has given a special place to owls as they have been closely associated with symbol of wisdom, magic and health.   Owls are connected with moon, so they are a good symbol of fertility.  Owls are powerful totem in so many cultures; it is the symbol of feminine.  Better place is bedroom and living room.

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