Erthie Has The Erthie Collection for Halloween!

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Halloween falls on 31st October every year, and celebrations goes on from dusk to dawn. Historically, Halloween is called All Hallow’ Day or All Saints Day(1st November) or Hallows-Eve.  The Halloween originated 2000 years ago; when ancient Gaelic festival celebrated their New Year on 1st November, called Samhain or SAH-win. The meaning of Samhain is summer-end or end of the harvest time and the beginning of the dark-half of  year.  They believed the spirits walk through the Earth after their life.  Fairies, demons and other creature’s spirits were involved in the celebration with the positive assumption to communicate with the deceased and to divine the future.

CHECK-OUT our best 10 Halloween Gifts Ideas:

White Railroad Candle Lanterns:  

It is true that “old is gold”.  Presenting you super combination of romance and trendy quant mini- lanterns that relive the old classic movies which lit up the rail tracks in its glory days.  It is believed that All-Saint removes the darkness of this day by holding these lanterns. They are featured with cute candles to give a modern touch.  Bright white enamel finish adds more elegance to this classic decor.

Flameless LED Tealight Hanging Lantern:

Brightness All Around!  Bringing our best collection of lights & lanterns in Halloween to present your dear ones who like flameless light.  Its design of contemporary filigree flameless battery-operated LED tea light lantern will enhance the décor of any tabletop or display shelves.

Driftwood Stallion Sculpture:

Bring home this beautifully crafted Stallion sculpture. Horse enthusiasts will cherish this elegantly built timeless art piece for years to come.



Fairy & Dragon Amethyst Geode Statue:

Beauty And Beast! Give this unique Fairy and Dragon Amethyst Figurine to your nerdy friends to make them realize their spiritual wisdom on this day.

Dragon Candle Holder:

A legendary decoration and a medieval castle are besieged by a fierce winged predator. Do you have a friend who believe in dragons and their mythical stories? They will cherish this for long.

Midnight Elegance Candle Chandelier :

Another Candle Light Chandelier bliss hanging is perfect for enjoying quality time with loved ones . Let your imagination guide you to create intimate moments for years to come...

Wise Owl Votive Stand :

Owl means removing bad energy from your home and office.  Gift this uniquely designed art to your dear ones.

Majestic Eagle Fountain:

Bring this majestic eagle water fountain to your living room or yard and live the glory days of american revolution.  Featuring with resin and stone powder base give it a rocky landscape , while hearing the soothing sound of cascading water.

Fleur De Lis Birdhouse :

Here's a stylish European-styled home for birds! This unique birdhouse looks like a regal fleur-de-lis ornament with a weathered white finish and a linen rope for hanging.

Red Truck Solar Light Planter :

Add rustic beauty to your outdoor decor with this red truck planter. The planter is made from iron, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for your garden or porch, the truck planter includes a small solar panel that lights up the truck's headlights at night. 

Comments (5)
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