Ceramic Decoring Ascents–Echo Of Nature

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September 05, 2019

Let’s check out our latest collection of environment friendly home décor, highly recommended for health aspects.

At first glance, ceramic body candles- in elephant shaped matte white, silver, gold, white and gold pineapple.


Earth inspired candles made with pure porcelain in white, grey, golden colours, etc, are the perfect choice for environment lovers.  Shapes are smart combination of animals, flowers and fruits. Great finish and elegant look will light up your living space. 

Check out our new ceramic lamp collections Shop healthy and environment friendly Lamps.

Gorgeous, stunning, trendy and contemporary shade designed lamps with collection of nature touched bases.  Focusing on earth beauty and nature simplicity.

Third ascents in decor are oil warmers and ceramic planters for indoor and outdoor.  Enjoy our latest collections …



Ceramic pots or planters are known for allowing air and water movement through the sides of the pot.  We have earthenware pots with stylish, natural elegance and designer look in different sizes for patio and interior space. These handmade planters are painted with epoxy paint, which make it highly durable, long lasting and glossy.


Beautiful collections of simple elegance oil warmer built with earthen ceramic seated tea light give it a warm feel.  Charming oil warmers are painted with epoxy paint, giving your interior a trendy look.



Comments (3)
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